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My name is Ruyi Teh. I’m a social entrepreneur to be with a great passion for mental health, youth development, sustainability and climate change. Starting this blog is a mission for me to share my depression and my recovery journey. I have struggled with depression since late 2018. It has been more than two years. I have recovered with a more resilient mental health now. It was a tough journey, yet it was a meaningful and fulfilling one. I have learned so much throughout this journey. Sharing is one of the methods that I used to heal from depression. Hence, I started this website to share my story and the methods, people and materials that helped me.

I am not a therapist, psychiatrist or counsellor. However, many times, people who are willing to listen and share are more effective and inspiring to us. Hope that my sharing will reduce your loneliness in your healing journey and also gain some insights that will help you.