Empowering compassion, resilience, mindfulness for sustainability

To create for a sustainable planet and system, we need to create sustainability within ourselves.

I believe that the keys in achieving sustainability is cultivating compassion, building resilience and practicing mindfulness.

My name is Ruyi Teh. I am a mental health and sustainability advocate. I am working towards my goal of helping young people and changemakers to build their mental and emotional resilience.

As an enthusiast of expeditions and volunteering, I travelled to many countries and witnessed human, animal and environmental suffering due to climate change. Experiencing this filled me with guilt and anxiety, but I felt helpless due to my poor mental wellbeing at the time.

Through my journey towards healing, I found that mental and emotional resilience is significant in order to overcome any challenges and to build a sustainable future.

I am working to build supportive and inclusive communities that come together to create a world that has great resilience for the planet. Thus, I founded The Ripple Effect community.

This website is a platform for me to share my own experience in building my own mental and emotional resilience. To share the resources that inspired and aspired me.

The Ripple Effect

A community aims to help young people and changemakers to build emotional and mental resilience via empowering them as part of a mindful and sustainable community.

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